AngularJS and the $scope

So, in my last post I talked a little about my decision to try AngularJS on my new project.  I also made a short statement about having encountered issues with $scope in Angular.  This was all really


I’m starting work on a new project that will have a pretty dynamic UI.  This project is a web service, and only authenticated users will be able to access the fancy bits, so issues like search engine

Git Branches, Important from Day 1

I recently worked on a project where it was clear that development had started directly on the master git branch, and likely by only a single dev.  At some point, a dev branch was introduced, and master

Using Docker With A Distributed Python Web Application

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about docker for a few months, and while I’ve been intrigued, I haven’t taken the time to really sit down and take a solid look at it.  The most I’ve really

Using EyeLeo to Prevent Eye Strain at Work

The other day, while trying to wrap up some code, I spent over 3 hours staring at text on my computer screen without looking away.  I was slinging code, examining variables and conditionals and analyzing flow so

Kicking Coffee, Again…

I’ve decided, once again, that I need to kick my coffee habit.  Luckily, unlike the first time, I’m not quite addicted to coffee.  Right now, coffee just gives me a little boost in the morning or afternoon,

Mid-November Sub-24 hour overnighter

I’d been itching to get out and do some sort of bicycle overnighter since Becky and I did the Windy Weekend Wedding Trek back at the tail end of September.  The fact that we are heading into Winter,

Big Ass Long Loop Bike Tour – Day 2

Oh my, what a night!  When we woke up this morning we found that we weren’t quite as secluded as we had initially thought. The “parking lot” a bit behind us was actually a road, and the

There and Back Again, A Windy Weekend Wedding Trek

Let me set the scene… It’s Friday morning.  It’s rainy, windy, wet and cold.  Becky and I have a wedding at 4 PM the next day in Lake Geneva, around 80 miles via bike from Madison.  The

Big Ass Long Loop Bike Tour – Day 1

Accelerated Timetables The plan had been to start this ride on Saturday, July 14th.  That meant we had plenty of time to research our route, find interesting things to see along the way, acquire and pack gear,