AngularJS and the $scope

So, in my last post I talked a little about my decision to try AngularJS on my new project.  I also made a short statement about having encountered issues with $scope in Angular.  This was all really just due to my having jumped in head first without really reading the docs, but this was still a pretty painful sticking point.  So, I figure it warrants a quick blog post. Continue reading

Git Branches, Important from Day 1

I recently worked on a project where it was clear that development had started directly on the master git branch, and likely by only a single dev.  At some point, a dev branch was introduced, and master was forgotten.  A staging branch was also setup, and there were automatic deployments into staging and production happening from a build server.  In this setup, dev was the production branch…  By some series of events, dev server became production server, the git branches lost any discernible meaning.

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Using Docker With A Distributed Python Web Application

So, I’ve been hearing a lot about docker for a few months, and while I’ve been intrigued, I haven’t taken the time to really sit down and take a solid look at it.  The most I’ve really put into it thus far was about a half hour of playing around with the online interactive tutorial.

However, I got to thinking about its applications for Python development the other day, and in particular, if it might be better than using virtualenv.  I think virtualenv is an awesome utility, but it does suffer in circumstances where you might have to compile the package, and especially in portability.

With docker, you have a fully self-contained environment that lets you install everything your application needs, much like virtualenv, but that has portability baked in.  The only real negative is that docker, being heavier than a virtualenv, will likely not be quite as performant.  I have not yet tested this for myself, but I can’t imagine docker has no performance penalty associated with it.

What I really find intriguing is the portability prospects that you get with docker.  I’m starting work on a somewhat complicated, distributed web application that will be written in Python.  In thinking about the development architecture, I was envisioning a minimum of 3 or 4 Vagrant VM’s each with a couple of virtualenv’s.  With docker though, I can setup a single VM and be able to develop a system with a completely distributed architecture, but without having to have a bunch of VM’s running.

And this advantage would carry over into production as well, enabling me to combine portions of the infrastructure onto a single server until resource utilization made splitting the components out necessary.  And not only do you get portability from one system to another, you get the ability to completely change hosting providers at will.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I’m actually really excited to dive into docker and see what I can do with it.  Look forward to more posts on this topic, and other associated topics as I dive into my new project!

Kicking Coffee, Again…

I’ve decided, once again, that I need to kick my coffee habit.  Luckily, unlike the first time, I’m not quite addicted to coffee.  Right now, coffee just gives me a little boost in the morning or afternoon, but I don’t get a headache and I’m still able to function if I don’t have any.  The first time I kicked coffee, I was drinking over a pot a day and I quit cold turkey.  It was rough for about two weeks before I finally got over the caffeine withdraws.

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Mid-November Sub-24 hour overnighter

I’d been itching to get out and do some sort of bicycle overnighter since Becky and I did the Windy Weekend Wedding Trek back at the tail end of September.  The fact that we are heading into Winter, complete with the short days and chilly temps, makes doing a full-on tour rather difficult, and we don’t have any weddings coming up either.  Still, I really wanted to go on little camping trip.  Something about waking up on a chilly morning, firing up the camp stove and making a cup of hot tea while still nestled in my warm sleeping bag sounded like fun!

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Big Ass Long Loop Bike Tour – Day 2

Pretty hills, looks like the Shire in LoTR

Oh my, what a night!  When we woke up this morning we found that we weren’t quite as secluded as we had initially thought. The “parking lot” a bit behind us was actually a road, and the grove of trees next to us contained a giant rock that I swear hadn’t been there the night before. Continue reading

There and Back Again, A Windy Weekend Wedding Trek

A pretty river the trail went over.

Let me set the scene… It’s Friday morning.  It’s rainy, windy, wet and cold.  Becky and I have a wedding at 4 PM the next day in Lake Geneva, around 80 miles via bike from Madison.  The weather outlook for Saturday is much of the same, but hell or high water, we are going to ride our bikes, camping gear and all, down to this wedding! Continue reading

Big Ass Long Loop Bike Tour – Day 1

Bikes loaded up and ready to roll!

Accelerated Timetables

The plan had been to start this ride on Saturday, July 14th.  That meant we had plenty of time to research our route, find interesting things to see along the way, acquire and pack gear, etc.  However, that isn’t the way things went down.  On Thursday, June 21st it became clear that events would not allow us to wait until July.  That meant we either had to go ASAP or likely miss our opportunity.  The choice was simple, we were going to do it. Continue reading